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Originally Posted by flyersfan9180 View Post
Wow some of the stories on these boards about concussions are tough. I got hit in the head with a baseball bat when my friend let it go on the follow through. Doctor said I got a "grade 3" concussion along with 23 stitches. I was out literally two weeks and was playing basketball and street hockey again. Never had another problem with my head again. I must be the most god damn luckiest ******* alive or have a really thick head (or both)! Sad to see what everyone goes through with these injuries.
The problem is when you play a contact sport for so long, you might get your "bell rung" and just shake it off, not think about it. I probably had several minor concussions over the last 15 years playing goal and not known it. The last one, I knew it, and had PCS for 3 months and nothing showed up on MRI. Nobody really knows with concussions. Especially the cumulative effects of them. Giroux had one previously from a corey perry elbow and was out only 10 days or so. Even if the league made concussions like a mandatory 20 days on LTIR, it may not be enough. Look how careful they were with crosby, and he still had another one.

I also have a shorter temper now, so if prongs gets back, maybe he'll be angry prongs all the time.

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