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12-13-2011, 12:48 PM
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Originally Posted by happyhab View Post
A question for the more experienced people around here, my son is 9 and is a great skater for his age, when he wheels, there is no one faster than him probably in his league (AAA) maybe a few kids as fast. (Remember I'm just stating what I see) but when he goes from a stop position he is average to below average. Can he work on this and what should he work on to gain that speed from a stopped positon.

Thanks for your advice
Since we are talking about 9 year olds at a AAA level, i'm just assuming that they have great coaching and conditioning and so on.

So i'll ask the most obvious question...

Is your son taller than most kids on his team. In general, most shorter players have quicker acceleration than taller players since their strides are shorter. However, taller players while having slower acceleration are faster skaters since they can make longer more powerful strides.

Its not true in all cases, but when you have 9 year olds, who all grow and develop at a different rate, i'm guessing it just might be a size issue.

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