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12-13-2011, 12:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
First of all, how is 335 gp close to a 1000?

I hardly call Jones "a great PKer". He is above average, but his lack of speed does leave him exposed from time to time. He is a guy you have to watch to make sure he does not play against the other teams top players since he does not have the foot speed. He can log 12-14 decent minutes against the 2-4 lines since he is a character guy that works hard and blocks shots, but there is no upside. I think that right now, with Kulda's better skating, passing, and positioning they are pretty much a wash, but Kulda is 22/23 with plenty of upside.

I do not think the Jones "for sure gets claimed" and "Kulda 90% clears" at all. If I am a rebuilding team like Ana, Cbs, Nyi I am liking my chops at adding a young piece like Kulda for free, but I do not see the market for Jones, esspecially at his salary. On any half-way decent team he is a #7, and makes about 4-5K more than he should, which for a cap tight team can be a big difference for a completely unimportant role like a #7 D.
Apologies, I'm not sure why I thought he had played 800 games, you are correct.

As for the PK thing etc. I know you are a Kings fan so your opinion of Jones is somewhat jaded to me. I am basing my opinion on him on his time as a Jet, as we all should be.

Again, I didn't want to lose Kulda. I still think he will clear.

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