Thread: Prospect Info: Corey Trivino Arrested
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12-13-2011, 12:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Bauer Warrior View Post
I agree. Just like there's innocense until proof of guilt, there's usually also fire where there's smoke.
Originally Posted by Hipster Doofus View Post
According to barstool sports which obtained a copy of the report (I assume), it was his dorm's RA. She came by to tell his dorm to quiet down (which is common now, finals and quiet hours). He then proceeded to repeatedly come back to her room (and do to RA protocols of those on duty, they are supposed to make themselves available) and repeatedly tried forcing his way in and kissing her. He eventually pushed through and began to undress before saying he was gonna sleep in her bed. He finally left and then she texted a friend and cops or some ****. If thats the report, and its true, dude sucks.

Also, there isn't much there that would signal it was made up.
Sounds like a drunk frat boy to me. Would I want him as a friend? no.

If that's all he did does he deserve to be kicked out of college? Maybe. Up to the university. I wouldn't be opposed to it.

Should he have his hockey career ruined? Not IMO, I have a gut feeling that there are plenty of guys in the NHL who have done worse things. Fact is whether these things get reported or not is very subjective.

Sadly I know plenty of guys who have done things I consider more lewd than that, but because the girls did not want to get them in trouble they weren't reported. Even when I suggested they should.

I'm not condoning it by any means, but if you think this guy is some sort of crazed fiend and the rest of the hockey players out there are tee-totalling gentlemen 100% of the time then well :/

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