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12-13-2011, 01:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
My experiences as a King fan (him being the worst defenseman the Kings have had in a looong time) has mostly influenced me to watch him really really close, and his lack of footspeed and positioning gets him caught quite often. Not to mention he is not really physical. But I did admit he could play 12-14 minutes in sheltered minutes, which considering where I had him at the start of the year (somewhere between Australian Pro Hockey League and the Dakota League Division 2), I think I have soften quite alot.

My main point is above, this IS NOT Kulda vs Jones or Kulda vs Flood or anything. It is about asset management. If you know Hainsey/Meech are that close(even if they had no confirmation of Tuesday they HAD to know next week) to returning and you send Kulda down on the weekend when he did not have to clear waivers. It is JUST PLAIN stupid to do otherwise. It is horrible business to offer to lose asset for free when you could just as easily protect it, even if you feel the asset has minimal value.
I gotta say Holden, after listening to Cheveldayoff I am more on your side before. It's almost like the whole Kulda on waivers was an afterthought as opposed to a well thought out plan.

It flabbergasts me that someone at the very top level of sports management wouldn't think through every single player move. It just seemed to me like it was "oh, Hainsey is ready, who are we gonna waive?".

If this is the case I certainly hope the gaffe is pointed out and a lesson learned. You can't just lose assets for nothing if you have any desire to keep them in the org.

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