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12-13-2011, 02:02 PM
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Originally Posted by bcv View Post
Well, the difference between you and me is simply that not only am I a fan of the Habs, but I am a fan of hockey. I watch plenty of other games, and if the game is boring I switch to the next game. I watch it to be entertained, not the watch some team win it, sure I have a bias for some teams (mainly the Habs) but here is a way to win games and be entertaining, don't you think?
I never said there wasn't. But I do say that a team doesn't have to be "entertaining" to win. I want my team to win with whatever play style they choose. The Habs with the W at the end of the game is what is important and not who got bored watching them. I would rather they be boring as hell but winners, than entertaining as hell but losers.

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