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12-13-2011, 03:20 PM
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Originally Posted by vladmyir111 View Post
This whole concussion thing is starting to be taken overboard. 10 months out for some headaches wtf? If they care so much about preserving their health when they are 60 then they shouldn't be playing hockey to begin with.

Can't be a Maserati driving professional athlete making millions of dollars and expect your health to be fully there for the rest of your life....slight trade off from having to do the 9-5 for minimum wage until 67 years of age.

Really getting tired of a few sob stories causing this much panic. There are thousands upon thousands of professional athletes from hard hitting physical sports alive today who are just fine.
You really need to educate yourself on the subject before you start spewing this crap. Headaches are but one possible symptom of a concussion. When you have a concussion, it means you damaged your brain. And when you post stuff like this, it makes me wonder how many concussions you've had.

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