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Originally Posted by Levitate View Post
Athletes are probably ok with knowing their knees and crap could be messed up as they get older, or general body aches and pains being a problem, but when you realize you could get dementia and all kinds of horrible cognitive ailments because of repeated concussions before you're even that old, that's probably where people start drawing the line

Marc Savard is only 34 and will never live a normal life because of repeated brain trauma. Players and teams are trying to lesson the risk of someone being Savard'd by making sure they're as healthy as possible before coming back.
lol, most people who work for a living will have this happen to them. People like Savard are extreme examples and if a player or their doctors feel like a concussion was severe they have all the right to stop playing. I'm more talking about a league wide push to have people sitting around for months on end because of some random headaches they may get after working out hard.

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