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12-13-2011, 03:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Killer Whale View Post
Excuse me if I may..I was typing fast. Majority of people on here type fast and a typo of a name is allowed. Sorry if I didn't get an A+ in English like you. Thanks for correcting me and letting me know I spelled Lidstrom wrong..You spelled it wrong too, its "Lidström" with the two dots over the "O."

As for my "counter" LOL is was HYPOTHETICAL as the Wings would rather package players vs give one of their best prospects away for Jagr. Not saying it HAS to be Cleary and Hudler. No wonder you attacked my post and treated me like I am Ken Holland, please bud...The point of the post was to give a hint to YOUR OP that a player of Smiths/Leddys caliber wont be going to Philly in exchange for Jagr..

As for your talent? Did I compare Detroit's to Philly's? Did I come in and explode on the thought of Detroit being better than Philly? I think not but since you went there, I'll remind you of a few things..
1. 20+ straight years in the playoffs,
2. four cups since 96'
3. a sweep of philly in the finals ****
3. One of the best, if not the bestscouting development teams ever assembled in ALL of sports.
4. Our talent is hidden in the AHL, as the Wings let their players develop. No shame in this.

So before you go all IN and assume your talent is better (which could be the case) you should take a look at some of our prospects who will be in the lineup for the Wings within 1-2 years...Tatar, Nyquist, Mursak, Anderson, Smith, I.Can.Keep.Going.......but I'll stop bc you just attempted to tell a Wings fan that Philly has more depth than Detroit when Detroit sits 1-2 players/ night who could start ANYWHERE in the league...Red Wings talent/depth is just as comparable to Phillys. Yes, Philly has depth. They have talent. But to say that about Detroit shows me that your knowledge of others teams is not as good as you think it is, and to provide an answer to my "proposal" like you did is a shame given your knowledge of some players...enjoy the season and good luck w Jags and you are right he isnt going anywhere. Ill hope to see him next year in a Wings uni, as he will become another Selanne, but one that switches teams yearly until he retires..
Actually, you spelled "Brendan" as "Brenden"... that's what I was referring to... not the Lidstrom thing.

I was just joking around though, no reason to go off about it. I just thought it was funny that you didn't know how to spell the name of the kid you're praising as the "next Lidstrom".

Second off, I wasn't trying to make this some huge Flyers vs. Wings thing.

I'm quite aware of your depth and of your excellent prospects. Perhaps I phrased what I was trying to say poorly... I'll try again:

My point is that in a hypothetical trade between our 2 clubs, you would be getting Jagr and we would be getting some other pieces. Jagr is a short-term asset. He plays a maximum of 2 years. So your depth in the minors doesn't really matter b/c realistically, they cannot be expected to play @ Jagr's level over the next 2 years... they will take some time to acclimate to the NHL game. Jagr would immediately be your best RW, and he would make your current club a lot better. As I stated, a 1st line of Zetterberg/Franzen-Datsyuk-Jagr would be frightening.

But in order for a trade to make sense for the Flyers, the assets we get would need to either be:

1. Better short-term assets than Jagr (I don't think this is happening)


2. Good long-term assets for the Flyers.

My point in bringing up the Flyers' depth is that we have a bunch of wingers who will be with our club long-term (for the next 3-4 years minimum): Hartnell, Briere, Voracek, JVR, Simmonds, Read. That's 6 players for 6 wing spots in the top-9.

Hudler and Cleary aren't better than any of those wingers. They cannot reasonably be expected to be an improvement over any of those guys. So from our (the flyers') point of view, it would essentially be trading Jagr for 2 cap dumps + a late round pick.

This is why I went off on you for it. It's a poor proposal b/c you didn't look @ it from the Flyers' POV at all. Whenever I make a proposal, I at least take a look @ another team's needs and make sure it matches up.

And to the OP's suggested trade, sure the value is off in a Smith for Jagr deal... I think we can all agree on this. But the idea of the trade is certainly correct. You have a lot of older players that are nearing the end of their prime and you really lack a young star (you have prospects capable of filling this void, but nobody @ the NHL level proving it yet). You're going to struggle massively when Lidstrom retires and Datsyuk and Zetterberg & Franzen start to slow down.

It makes a lot of sense for you guys to trade picks or a promising prospect or two to load up for one or two or three final runs @ the cup w/ this current core of players.

Anyway, I have no problem with you or the Wings (other than that Stanley Cup...), and I actually really enjoy watching you guys play (especially Datsyuk). But your counter proposal made no sense from the Flyers POV.

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