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Originally Posted by NYCBruin View Post
Agreed 100% I have nothing against Crosby and hope he comes back because I love seeing the B's play against the best...but what they (Penguins and the league in general) did was worse than apathy. In the last 2+ seasons teams have taken 100%, non-debatable RUNS at our best players. RUNS. Let that mull. Teams took the position that it was a good idea to take out our top 3 centers (looking at you Lavvy). The Flyers were the worst offenders in this charge, but a few teams have done it. They intentionally attempted to HARM Bergeron (at least twice) and Krejci (every time they played him.) The Pens went after Savard for the same reason. It is now a STRATEGY to harm offensive players.

It is not even the karma, or the "Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword", aspects that are interesting. It was the fact that nobody gave a flying f@#$ when it was other players, but now everyone thinks something needs to be done because it is Crosby.

Completely ridiculous.
In a sense I agree with you. I have no problem if you have an issue with the outpouring of support for Crosby or condemnation of the hits against him in relation to the Cooke hit on Savard for example. I hate Matt Cooke, and I don't really care for the Penguins as a team.

However, as a hockey fan, I love Sidney Crosby because I love watching him play the game. From a pure hockey fan standpoint, I'm not pissed today at anybody who hit him, nor am I drumming up support for stiffer penalties in the wake of his concussions. I'm just simply disappointed that when I sit down to watch hockey tonight, I can't flip over to the Pens game during Bruins commercials to watch the world's best player. It's that simple.

Seeing the hits that have sidelined him, I don't think stiffer penalties would have mattered, and I think he feels the same way. I just think the league has decided to use his injury as an opportunity to tackle the issue, and I get that. The downside is that some fans will find that self-serving and/or unfair, and I get that too.

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