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12-05-2005, 01:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Dr Love
The league leader in assists (and IIRC something like 5th in the league in points at the time), a guy not have a fluke season by any means isn't value? Okay then. Did they give up too much by giving up Ouellet and those picks? Certainly, but everyone knows that, and they had one hand tied behind their backs with Primeau and Roenick on the shelf and no timetable for when they would return. But to say that Adam Oates, having a very good season, wasn't value is just absurd.

Which no one argued at the time, or since then. Nor I am I arguing that. The Caps got a lot of value back. It didn't pan out, but they got a lot of value back. And the Flyers got value too. That's my only point, I'm sorry you can't see that.
Lol, when did I ever say that they didn't get ANY value back. Your original comment was "Getting the guy who was leading the league in assists (and it wasn't a fluke season) was pretty good value"... it's pretty clear from a statement like that, that it's "pretty good value relative to what we gave up". Otherwise there's just no point.

Unless the put Ouellet and those picks on waivers and got zero back, or traded them for a bag of pucks, hell, even if all they got was a bag of pucks, everything has "value".

What Philly got back was extremely low "value" for what they gave up (at the time, which is the most important part).

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