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12-13-2011, 04:10 PM
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Originally Posted by James Norris View Post
I'm not saying everything is on the coaching but no way you can tell me the coaching can't be improved

Here are a few interesting stats I found:
Great Britain
Total Players: 4,901
Junior Players: 3,153
Indoor Rinks: 46

Total Players: 4,374
Junior Players: 3,430
Indoor Rinks: 28

Total Players:6,177
Junior Players: 3,709
Indoor Rinks: 41

Player to rink ratio can't be the only explanation lol

Sounds like EIHA needs to be convinced that they should change their system or sink some more money into the problems they currently have.
Well yes, but Belarus for instance has a hockey culture. It's possible some of the better athletes get into the sport, and as we speak, large sums of capital are being pumped in by the government. If we are to see another elite nation (or nation on par with what Slovakia were 5-6 years ago) in the next 10-15 years, if it isn't Switzerland, it will be Belarus.

Norway also has probably a bigger culture for the sport, although of course it has a bad reputation within Norway for some reason. But we must not forget the links with Sweden, which has helped the country develop enormously recently. Without Sweden (and the same goes for Denmark), they'd be alot worse off.

Infrastructure is imperative as is money, but you need the culture to be there too. Norway and Belarus both have links the sport far more than we do. We use rinks for skating, no one goes to the rink to play ice hockey. The rink per persons in those nations is also better than we have.

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