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12-13-2011, 04:59 PM
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Originally Posted by J17 Vs Proclamation View Post
I was more belittling the umbrella organisations and those in charge rather than the people who volunteer. It's the system that is at fault, not the majority of those who reside under it.

I will stipulate that have never played ice hockey, and have no direct link to the sport such as yourself. I grew up in an area with no link to it, my University also had no link to it and considering how terrible i was at Rugby, thankgod! In the next few years i may start to try and get involved at a recreational level if that is possible. So in no way is my view a direct one, although it is pretty easy to make an overall assessment of the hockey culture. Im basically a complete fluke ; no one i know has any idea about ice hockey.
I think it's unfair for you to make those comments since you don't have any connections to it, even I don't know half of the stuff that goes on behind the closed doors at the EIHA. But I do know even the people in charge are volunteers and they may be useless but they give up their own time to do it, there aren't any better people for the job since nobody else wants to put the effort in

Your location says you're from Reading, get your ass down to Bracknell and support them! Teams need all the fans they can get to grow the sport.

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