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12-13-2011, 05:01 PM
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Bad wording on my part. By issues I don't mean he's had playing or effort issues, but in taking that next step to becoming the heart and soul of a team. If he could somehow get that, he would instantly become the identity of this team, and I would be all for that.
They have their heart and soul player in Mike Richards and that will only become stronger/more apparent as the year rolls on. Kopitar is the most elite player and skilled on the team, but he doesn't have MR's IQ or heart.
Nor doe sMR have the natural talent Kopi has, his career was built around high IQ sweat and swagger. His style of play is why so many players hate playing against him, because he never quits and what he brings.

That's what makes them a good 1 -2 pair ad when used effectively, as we saw early i n the year when the PP was cooking, they are killers out there.

Heart is not something you 'learn' to do, you either are born with it or you aren't. Kopitar can benefit from Richards by working harder and better, but he can't get heart.

Richards is the only forward with killer instinct who plays starving all the time and has the IQ to make it work well. That 's one reason the team is 0-4 without him, he is the engine that makes them go.

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