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Originally Posted by NHRangerfan View Post
Touche my friend...and I'll just add to the 2 finely written posts above mine. I kind of enjoy not having the bandwagon fan around hockey, in Boston they call them the pink hats, spouting nonsense and ignorant blather.
It is nice that in most cases when you come across a hockey fan you know you're talking to a real hockey fan. Now obviously there are exceptions to that but it's way more true about hockey than any of the other three major sports.

Originally Posted by Giglio NYR15 View Post
Boomer and carton is a terrible example. 1 boomer is a rangers sth, and carton is just an idiot who refuses for even Mark Messier to talk rangers hockey without forcing him off the line. This is because of cartons hatred for torts, but its not gonna happen. We wont gain any back pages ever, esp if the knicks are in the playoffs. And you no what, I DONT FREEKIN CARE. YOU KNOW WHY? I DONT WANT ANY BANDWAGON FAKE RANGER FANS JUMPING ON THE BANDWAGON OF EVERY POSTER HERE AND WHOEVER ELSE. Im a die hard yankee fan and since the invention of social media, i despise going on twitter and facebook around playoff time when all these people come out of the woodwork, I dont want that for the rangers. Its never going to happen, so I just get over it, you wanna read rangers media stuff?...follow gross, brooks and zipay on twitter, read blueshirts united and (things we on here probably already know).
See I think this is a misinterpretation of Boomer and Carton. Boomer is a genuine guy and it's part of the reason he's liked so much by so many people. He's always genuine. He's a die hard Rangers fan and like every one of us no matter what he's doing he's always thinking about Rangers hockey, which is why he'll bring them up or cheer them on all the time on his show. Carton has gotten this far in radio because of this shtick. Whether or not people like it isn't relevant. Anyone who thinks that Carton is the individual making the decisions about what they're talking about on the show is out of their mind. To genuinely believe that because Carton brushes off Boomer every time he brings up hockey and they play that stupid "nobody cares about hockey Boomer" recording over and over again equates to it being Carton's fault there's no hockey talk is crazy. If the radio program thought that that was what the majority (key word here) of their audience wanted to hear, they would mandate to Carton that it be talked about. The fact of the matter is that it's not, and it likely never will be. Carton also plays the role of the typical American sports fan who likes all sports except hockey, which is fairly common and something else that I'm sure a lot of people who listen to that show agree with and laugh about. People take this stuff too personally. The only way you're going to change something like this is when you change the majority. Until then, it's not going to happen.

Originally Posted by Stugots View Post
I've been considering getting Sirius or XM. Do they have stations that talk 24/7 hockey? Or have programs dedicated solely to hockey?
Sirius/XM merged so they're one company now. I've had it for a few years and to be totally honest with you I hardly ever listen to the NHL Home Ice channel. The Canadian guys who are on the morning bore the hell out of me. Espo bores the hell out of me. I have another show I prefer listening to at noon so I don't get to listen much to NHL Live, which I still think is pretty boring. I just have always felt that the personalities on that channel are dull, corny, and most of the interviews put me to sleep. I'm a huge hockey fan but that station really has never done it for me.

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