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12-13-2011, 06:16 PM
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IMO, as someone who plays hockey as well as being a fan, most of the suggestions in here are either ridiculous and would never work or would change the game too much. I think concussions in hockey have probably been a problem for a lot longer than you think, but people are just starting to realize it now. I think its just the nature of the game. Its extremely physical and fast. Trying to cut down on the head hunting is one thing that can help (though I think there should be stiffer penalties then there are now) but Claude Giroux's injury wouldnt have been avoided with any of the stuff you guys are talking about, except maybe a better helmet which is probably where there is the most room for improvement. There are guys out there in the NHL wearing helmets that originally came out like 10 years ago. Putting more R&D into something like the M11 and helmets in general and enforcing better standards for them is probably one of the easiest and most effective things they can do. Guys leave their chin straps way loose and they are always coming off and sliding around not allowing the helmet to perform to its fullest potential. Dont get me started on the guys who play the whole game with their mouth guard hanging out of their mouth.

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