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12-05-2005, 05:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Drop The Gloves
I'm 15 right now and I'm wondering if its too late for me to learn how to ice skate, learn how to play hockey on ice (I.e. the techniques), and play on an actual team? I've never played on a team or ice. Is it to late for me to begin? How would I improve my skills? I guess people will host skills night or something at local rinks. Its always been my dream to play hockey.....
bro, my friend started skating when he was 17 and is no doubt as good a skater then any typical hockey player and he learned within a year after going to the rink every weekend.. my other friend did the same so its not just him

the only difficult thing will be stickhandling and shooting but imo this is really just natural for some people.. i've played all my life and still can't shoot a slapshot, i can handle pretty good but i know others who've played as long as i have that can't skate with the puck or stick handle at all, needless to say they are defensemen

go for it, you can deffinitely learn to skate and play at your age, you're not even that old for it imo.. and let me highly recommend getting into it.. i played baseball, hockey and football growing up, nothing beats it, it's the only sport i have any desire right now 3 years removed from organized competition that i wish to play again

i love all three sports equally but i will be a fan of two and love to continue playing hockey

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