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12-13-2011, 07:57 PM
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Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
Eh, obviously I disagree. Dont get me wrong, I like MAB, but I feel like Gustafsson's positioning and puck moving can be essential, especially when guys like Timonen might retire and Carle might not be back. Having a defense with just hard hitting guys never works out. The smaller guys who can put up some points while playing solid defense is good. If Carle is gone, Gustafsson can hopefully replace him and Gustafsson getting time right now I think is important. Its a shame. Right before he got injured, I truly felt he was going to solidify himself on the roster.

I still go with Gustafsson as #6. Before he was injured he was playing 18+ minutes a night and was starting to get time on the PP.
I agree. If I'm playing for the future, I'd go w/ Gus.

But realistically, we're going to make the playoffs this year and next year and beyond that. 82 games next year is plenty of time to prepare Gus (if Timonen does retire after this year... but most signs, including Kimmo's own comments, point to him staying 1 more year).

I'm playing for this year though. I think this team has as good a chance @ the cup as any in the Eastern Conference. And with the defense as it is currently constructed, I want MAB as my 6th. Having a good stay at home guy as your 6th that you can put out there in the playoffs can be essential. The PMD guys are usually in the top-4.

But I understand where you're coming from. And TBH, I won't be mad either way.

Just think how lucky we are to even be able to have this conversation right now... before the season MAB was considered a total bust by most and many people doubted he'd ever make an impact and Gus was a huge question mark too. Now we're arguing over which one we want to be the 6th defenseman on a contending team... and we're arguing over which one is better... not which one has been worse .

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