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12-13-2011, 10:51 PM
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Comparing the trades of Witt and Forsberg and Kovy to possibly dealing Suter are off base. Suter is ten times the defenseman Witt is. If Witt can get a mid to late 1st, Suter should land more. Forsberg, while a great player in his prime, netted Philly what, Upshall, Parent(who has amounted to nothing) and a mid round 1st. This was a broken down Forsberg. Suter is entering his prime. Should land more. Last year we traded a mid to late first rounder for Fisher. Fisher is a 2nd/3rd line center on most teams. Once again, Suter should net more than that. Kovy got a decent return but nothing really substantial. He's a sniper in his prime. NJ paid quantity instead of quality. Atlanta also has had horrible GM's so they didn't maximize what they could have for Kovy.

All that said, we can get more than a 1st for Suter. I don't see us letting him walk though. He's too valuable. All the talk of we can't afford all of the big 3 is BS. The owners have clearly stated that we can afford all 3. Does anyone really think that Rinne would've re-signed for the length of contract he did if he thought Suter and Weber would be gone in the next 2 years? I think it's only a matter of time before we hear the re-signings of both Suter and Weber. I think the play of the young guys has to give them hope that this team is on the right track and we have more pieces coming up the ranks that can supplement the team if need be. The reason I'm optimistic about the team is that for the first time in a while, we appear somewhat healthy and we have 3 lines that are all producing good offensive opportunities. Spaling/Wilson/Tootoo has been our best line the last 3 games. The other two lines looked good tonight too. We got a goal from our 4th line tonight. The defensive pairings seem to be settling in with Josi and Hillen being the third pair.

We are still a little inconsistent but hopefully we're on an upswing right now. We get in a tizzy any time we're in a tail spin or having just come out of one. Well, we're on a 3 game winning streak right now. Rinne is looking more like himself. Weber and Suter have been well, Weber and Suter lately. There are peaks and valleys during a season. If the young guys continue to do what they're doing, I think Suter and Weber will see the team has great potential for many years to come. The playoffs are a crap shoot. Boston proved last year that you need quality depth to win. They didn't have any monster offensive weapons up front but they had a lot of very good players. I see us molded after them. Solid D, great goalie and a lot of depth up front. It may not be sexy but it seems to work.

I think we're two players away to be very honest. I think a veteran defenseman as an upgrade to Cube on the second pairing and another offensive piece up front. Well, that piece should be coming back next season and maybe with a season under their belts, Blum and/or Josi fill the need on the blue line. Solid teams are built over time and will last over time because of it. We have a pretty big window as young as we are. All we have to do is keep the pieces together. Let's see if the owners and Poile can do just that.

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