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12-13-2011, 09:56 PM
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Originally Posted by sjmay View Post

Well, I missed the first and the last half of the third,

Good to see no one here changes,

I thought LA looked pretty good in the 2nd, from what I saw, Doughty looked much better, Clifford looked much better,

Williams is playing himself out of LA, he will be one of the first casualties,

Good thing to know that it's not a coaching issue though eh? You would think despite Sutter not being there, that players would be playing to impress the new coach, hmmmm...yea, maybe it is on the players,

I still find that you guys show no knowledge of what OFFENSE actually is, you definitely know what the end result is, GOALS, and that is where the Kings have the problems, the end result, not the process,

But hey, keep on throwing buzz words around like you know what they mean lol,

Anyways, if the road trip continues like it is, I see Williams and possibly Martinez being packaged away...for...anything.
At one point in the second period the shots were 17-17, but the Bruins had 16 scoring chances compared to just 5 for the Kings. That speaks volumes about what was going on out there.

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