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12-14-2011, 01:19 AM
Slick Eller
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He is skilled and GREAT vision....

But aside of that, whats so good about him? He doesn't have a good shot, he isn't scoring goal at all, play weaks along the board, easily tossed around in the slot, doesn't have the acceleration to create scoring chance by himself on the fly, he needs above average goal scoring winger to be noticeable on the ice. Yeah he is racking a couple of assists with highlight reel set-ups and he is able to protect the puck quite good for a guy of his size.

You can't deny that he is trying hard at getting better. But he isn't my kind of player, I also believe he isn't the kind of player you want on your top two line if you are serious about trying to win 16 games in the playoffs.

He is a average 2nd line centre, he is 25 years old and didn't had any stretch of consistency offensively in his career, albeit short.

I can see why les québécois likes him in general, he speaks french, work hards on the ice and flashy game. Unfortunately, most of the people who doesn't pay attention to small details would notice that he is struggling in the corners and along the board, both in his own zone and offensive zone. He can steal the puck away from opponent for a short time but he is rarely able to keep it long enough to do something, since he gets pushed and double teamed pretty quick and lose the puck.

Desharnais is still better than Gomez tho. So he is our 2nd line centre by default, its not his fault, he shouldn't play those minutes on a team that is supposedly on the right path to win a Championship.

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