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Originally Posted by lorwood View Post
Did you ever have a friend say to you "Lets go see this great thing"? and before you know it you find yourself in some dank dark moldy place with cracked concrete floors and maybe a half starved dog lying in the corner. There may be something that was once food on top of what you can only assume was a table at one time and there is a couch that looks like it was used in every Tracy Lords movie against a damp concrete wall?

Thats what you should expect when you visit the NVMC.
It's amazing how some of you take that place for granted. I went there for the first time last month after being a fan for 30 years, and I loved it. I didn't want to leave the second game I went to. I just stood around staring at the banners and soaking it all in.

Loved it. It's a shame so many of you take it for granted.

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