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12-14-2011, 06:52 AM
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Originally Posted by chimrichalds18 View Post
I'd make the rink bigger--said this in another thread a few weeks ago. Owners won't do it because it cuts down on seating, but making the rinks bigger means more skating, less contact in general.
There are quite a high number of concussions in European hockey as well. I doubt bigger ice surface is any kind of solution.

Originally Posted by Cmoneyflyguy View Post
Less obstruction = faster play

Plus the elbow pads.
Those things are rock hard anymore.
Yeah, the elbow and shoulder pads are almost like weapons today. They need to be changed I think.

As for the obstruction... it would kind of suck if that is (a part of) what is necessary to do to limit the concussions, but it might be a prize we'll have to pay.

Originally Posted by RevUpThoseFlyers View Post
A better helmet, with a properly worn chinstrap, can absorb a lot of the impact and reduce the chance of concussions. Of course, some people are still going to get concussions but they won't happen as frequently.
Is there any rule in place about that chin strap right now? There might need to be one, a lot of players have the helmet on so loose it's not much of protection really.

Originally Posted by kicksave27 View Post
Kinda makes up my mind for myself when it comes to getting back in to playing hockey after having PCS. I've been symptom free for 2 years now and really wanting to get back in goal. But with all this going on, I'm going to stay retired. My sweet helmet is going on the mantle.
Sorry to hear that. It sucks having to stop playing due to injuries no matter what level one is on. For me it was the knees that gave up (I've had a few concussions as well, mostly at a young age though (I was a very reckless child) and I never suffered that much pcs that I'm aware of).

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