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12-14-2011, 07:15 AM
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Pivot methods for a winger on breakouts?

My backwards crossovers and my pivots are not stellar.

Often, as a winger, I receive a pass from a defenceman when I am facing him. In other words, I receive the puck and then need to do a 180 degree pivot to leave our defensive zone.

What is a good pivot technique in such situations?

Yes, I know about the "have your butt against the boards" concept. (That means your body is facing across the rink, not facing directly towards either the defensive or the offensive zone.)

Often in these breakout situations, I receive the puck from the defenseman and sort of flick it behind me. I wrap the puck around me (bouncing it off the boards) and do a "dump and chase" into the neutral zone.

That allows me to pivot without puck-handling at the same time. It's a crap technique, but it takes a bit of pressure off me. What would be a better method?

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