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Originally Posted by NotProkofievian View Post
Lolwut? Anyone who says that DD is a product of Cole and Patches just simply isn't watching the game. DD's the straw that stirs that drink. All Patches and Cole have to do is be in position. Half the time they whiff on the passes that DD sends right through the crease for them.

Also, he was producing at this same clip last year when playing with Moen, Pyatt, Darche et al. Not exactly star-studded company.
Disagree. Having fast wingers with size actually opens up space for DD to be able to make those kinds of plays in the first place. Without them he lacks the speed and size and would be dominated. Half the time DD is in a position to pass in the first place cause of their work in the offensive zone anyways. If you think DD is gaining the zone making space for them etc all on his own you're crazy dude. That simply isn't the case.

Also half the time every scorer in the NHL misses a pass people feed them in the slot. You think that it's only Desharnais missing out on points cause his wingers miss out on a goal? That can be said for any center in the god damn league even Crosby. If it weren't for that every game would be 12-10. That's hardly a concrete argument. If anything the "lolwut" is for anyone who actually thinks this guy is the main reason his wingers are scoring. Pacioretty was putting up numbers with Gomez dude... Gomez... you think he can't with David freaking Desharnais who is better?

What about Cole, you know that guy who is scoring on the same pace he always has. You think it's a direct result of Desharnais? Really? It's more logical the guy who is a borderline rookie is making these guys produce than the guys who have proven they can produce without him? For real dude? You're kidding right? And the mere fact that you say what you say makes you sound like you haven't watched Erik Cole all year. Some of his goals he basically took them all the way up the ice burned the D and scored, but yeah... that's a direct result of Desharnais Nobody else on the team can make a pass in the defensive/neutral zone

I'm not saying he's bad but some people really need to get off his dick, he's good but not amazing.

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