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12-14-2011, 10:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Pancakes Pancakes View Post
Helmets have nothing to do with it, unless he were to hit his head on the ice or something like that. A shot to the head or body that results in the brain rattling inside the skull is what results in a concussions. Helmets help prevent visible injuries to the head moreso than concussions. I guess they could also help in the severity of a concussion too.
Helmets most definitely have the potential to protect against concussions by absorbing the forces associated with impact to reduce the forces acting on the brain (thus the severity and/or likelihood of being concussed). The problem is that kind of helmet technology is still in its infancy.

Edit - at Mendes' last tweet:

Originally Posted by Ian Mendes
The nice thing about Sens confirming that Michalek has a concussion: We don't have to phone his mom to confirm.

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