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12-14-2011, 10:45 AM
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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post

Who said attack the middle head on? To me, attack the middle means get someone to the centre of the ice and get them the puck. Simple as that. Hard to do? You bet, but every other team does that and either by design or by players desire we don't go there nearly often enough. I figured Sydor would have posted his scoring chances list by now.
LOL Sydor probably doesn't know a scoring chance from an icing ffs,

Anyways, attacking the middle, doesn't mean getting someone there and then getting them the puck, it typically means, driving the middle with the puck on your stick, which in today's game, rarely happens, it will happen with the highly skilled players, but typically when it's so bottled up, it's the outside play and passes that try and create seams so that you can open up the middle of the ice.

What you are suggesting is just that, that they do have to get someone to the middle then get the the puck, that is simply done by moving the puck quickly, and well enough where it pulls a defender out of position, and opens up a seam.

Kings have two problems with that, A.) their puck movement is horrible at times, and B.) their read and react is absolutely brutal.

I wouldn't be surprised if Sutter's first dozen practices were simply 3 on 3 read and react drills and bag skates....

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