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Originally Posted by MatthewT View Post
a helmet just protects the outside of your head. The cause of a concussion is your brain bouncing off the inside of your skull.
For those of you who are cyclists, you may know of this study:

"For example, in the state of Western Australia where bicycle helmets have been mandatory for all ages since July 1992, the annual cyclist death toll from 1987 to 1991 (pre-law) averaged 7.6 fatalities per year. From 1993 to 1997 (post-law) it was 6.4 fatalities per year, representing a 16% reduction [2]. However, Government cycling surveys show cycling declined in Western Australia by approximately 30% during the 1990s following mandatory helmet law enforcement [3]. Thus, relative to cycle use, fatalities went up, not down."

I can see a similarity with hockey: players wearing helmets are more likely to hit their head because of increase volume around their head than other players not wearing any head protection.

Wearing an helmet increase the numbers of collision (more likely to suffer a concussion) but It would decrease severe head injury.

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