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12-14-2011, 01:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Tikkanen View Post
Agreed 100%. Now is the time to begin to look at trades to get ......
I edited this to make my point. Apologies in advance....

Anyway, absolutely wrong time to start changing players, imho. All that's going to do is reinforce confusion and disarray. We already have an abundance of both. Don't need more change right now because that will do more damage than good in this situation. DL will not do that.

I watched a coach who knew he was filling in and therefore would not do anything. I watched a team that was waiting for the skates to drop (to coin a phrase). We will determine what this group will be after the new coach arrives. This group has a lot left to give. They just need something new to focus on.

The new coach will get these guys thinking and focusing on a completely different area of the game. And that will break them out of this offense jinx. If it's Coach Sutter then we will have a hard forecheck, attack the puck, kind of hockey. The big guys will be ordered to hit and pin. The skill guys will be ordered to concentrate on stripping the puck. Simple, straightforward hockey where guys work in pairs, big guy hits and skill guy steals - everyone on the same page in both zones. This team is hungry. This team can win. A change in direction, a change in focus, a couple of bounces and they'll go off on a tear.

Still a little early to put that crow pie in the oven.

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