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Originally Posted by Lucius View Post
If scoring was all defencemen do, sure.

In a salary cap league, I think it's important to pay people according to their slot. An overpaid 5/6 guy limits the money available for a real 1/2 guy.

It's a finite pool. Say Shea Weber becomes a UFA and we lose out in the bidding by 1m to say.... Carolina... then I'd rather not have Kaberle so that he can be fit in.

If it wasn't for the cap, I couldn't care less. He's a solid contributor, but having a well balanced team by slot is important in this world.

For now, it doesn't matter. We have Subban in the top 2 earning bottom 2 money. I believe he's a free agent this summer though, so that's about to change.

The above is all perfect world and that's not fair, but the fact is that the successful teams will have more balanced rosters that pay people closer to their contributions, which will ensure they can keep their free agents and sign others. Teams that overpay for people down the depth chart will run into trouble. If Chicago hadn't overpaid Campbell and Huet, for example, they might have had a dynasty instead of a single run. It was great until their cheap core came up for renewal. Kaberle (and others) have contracts that are directly going to impact the team's ability to pay and keep people like Price and Subban.
Individual teams, have different philosophies about which player gets what amount of money. The Habs were willing to pay Tomas Plekanec 5M per year for 6 years, but maybe if Plekanec played for the Ottawa Senators, they wouldn't be willing to pay him that and would of let him walk, and maybe the Columbus Blue Jackets would of ben willing to pay Plekanec 6M per year.

Cap space/Cap value is relative to performance and to the teams priorities...the New York Rangers don't mind overpaying for guys cause they can just bury players in the minors.

The Chicago Blackhawks won a Stanley Cup with two of the worst recent contracts ever signed during the offseason (Campbelle & Huet). The trouble they had was because their GM was irresponsible when submitting some RFA contracts, but even then, those contracts didn't stop or hasnt' stopped the Blackhawks from being a competitive team.

Again, people exagerrate the impact of cap space...Yes, it's important, but looking at it exclusively without considering anything else is an incredibly linear way of looking at a very complex and multi-faceted subject. Lack of cap space or having perceived 'bad contracts' doesn't impede teams from winning or improving.

Tomas Kaberle's contract will never impede the Habs from re-signing Carey Price & PK Subban who are two cornerstones of this franchise and it's ridiculous IMO, to assume it would.

The GM of the Habs gets paid to deal with the cap on the team...let him work it out, that's his job.

The term "overpaid" has become a buzzword among fans/media in hockey, there are tons of overpaid players in the NHL, from Scott Gomez to Rick Nash to Eric Staal, there's plenty of them. Every team needs to deal with it. Bad contracts become bad contracts, when players go bad.

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