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Originally Posted by r3cc0s View Post
the problem with hot tempered idiots, is that they get way too much into the game... perhaps how they were taught in when as a minor player.

again, as stated above, usually those players are just marginally better, as the "elite" ringers are heads an tails better stakers and protective puck players that they can make up for your deffencicies and are typically more patient.

that being said... the worst is playing with the "beginner" who thinks they're better than they are, and get "upset" - like slapping their stick against something, just cause they didn't get a shot off or didn't recieve the puck or turned it over.

the beginner who doesn't move his feet, doesn't work himself hard, and as a result thinks they can stay on the ice forever cause they're not tired pisses me off.

the beginner who skates as hard as he can, is a "pest to the other team"
looks to get mixed up in the play and skates back when he turns over the puck and is huffing and puffing hard when hes back on the bench, I give my thumbs up to!

This, I consider myself to be one of the "Beginner who skates as hard as he can" and my newer teammates certainly agree with me. I am regularly sweating buckets and absolutely shattered at the end of a session even though I am probably one of the fittest people on my team. My actual hockey skills are relatively poor but I am an average skater who never gives up on a play. I am that guy who chases in when someone dumps the puck or puts pressure on the D trying to break out and then is still able to get back without being too out of position.
My previous team only ever looked at the points column and sadly my poor shooting really let me down on this front so although I could skate rings around a lot of players on that team they always looked down on me for that reason.
Its amazing what a difference getting a good bunch of guys can do.

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