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12-14-2011, 03:02 PM
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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
Miller Time...come on

Tomas Kaberle prior to his trade last February 18th (about 10 months ago) he had
38pts in 58 games.

How is that a long time ago?

Again, Kaberle had a rough stretch of 53 games between his time with the Bruins and his time with the Canes. In those 53 games he recorded 18pts.

You can choose to believe that those 53 games are a sign of a player deteriorating...OR, you can choose to believe that those 53 games were a sign of a player have difficulty adjusting to a new team(s) and new system(s) and also dealing some off-ice issues.

I happen to think that Kaberle has alot left in the tank and is more likely to become the Kaberle we've always known, then the one we saw for a limited amount of time towards the end of last year and early this year and judging from his past 2-3 weeks of play, it looks like it's trending that way
as you know, there is a lot more to a player than pts...

is it coincidence that the Laffs actually played better in the second half of the year, without having acquired any player to replace Kaberle & his production?

could it be that, as i'm suggesting, Kaberle is becoming more MAB and less Markov by the week?

Again, I hope that you are right, and that Kaberle's decline over the past 2-3 seasons (while his pt production only recently tailed off, I think his overall impact has been declining for much longer) is an anomaly that he will work his way out of with us.

that he came into the season badly out of shape, seems to point more towards a player mentally "checked out"... the "cup hangover" excuse, for a veteran professional with as much experience as he has, is bogus.

a kid who gets caught up in the excitment and doesn't know how to properly prepare himself is one thing, a 15-year vet with over 100 games of playoff experience is another.

some athletes win and just want to win more, others win and are satisfied with that... kaberle's behavior points to the latter, and supports the notion that he's less willing to pay the price he once was... when that happens, it is rare for things to reverse course.

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