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12-14-2011, 03:04 PM
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I have a question. If you were Jeff Skinner/Claude Giroux, how long would you sit down?

1. You sit until you are 100% no matter how long this takes.
2. You play even though you are not 100%

To muddy the waters, lets say it will take months to get to 100% (no headaches, feeling great, vision is fine, etc). So you miss this season - how much money do you think you just lost in your next contract? Jeff Skinner is a franchise player, so is Claude Giroux......if they sit for extended periods of time, they will pay for it. Will Carolina sign Skinner long term knowing the next hit to the head might be the end of that player? Will Philadelphia sign Giroux knowing the same? How much more valuable is Giroux is he wins the MVP and Art Ross this year?

For players who DO NOT already have a long term contract, what are they thinking? I would play (like they have done for 100 years). If you don't, you signicantly reduce your ability to make money. These guys are 1-2 years away from signing a deal that would set them up for life. If they have concussion problems.....I don't think they get those deals. Thoughts?

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