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12-14-2011, 03:08 PM
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Originally Posted by habsjunkie2 View Post
Spot on, the reason he doesn't play is because he shouldn't be playing in these situations. A few points won't hide this mess forever. I'm gonna laugh when the threads pop up about how no one could of known his play had dropped off tremendously. Should be interesting. He is not even a top 4 dman anymore, top 4 dman don't get benched when the game is on the line. We'll need a 3 goal lead to feel comfortable with him playing 3rd period minutes.
You can say the same of many, many Dmen in the NHL.
Despite his benching, he still played more than Campoli and Diaz.

That's why a guy like Hammer was so serviceable to us. You could pair him with a more offensive and weaker defensive player. We did it last year with Wiz.
Having him, Campoli, Diaz and Weber in the line up is just not the best recipe.

Also, if you look at the Tavares goal, again, much like Emelin-Kaberle, you have two guys that seem confused as they're both playing on the left.
Campoli is covering the far side, Kaberle is on his side, Cammy is battling on the boards, Plek is covering the faceoff circle/slot. Cammy loses the board battle, he stops covering his play. Parenteau leaves with the puck, around the red line behind the net. Kaberle is supposed to get him, but Campoli decides to make a leap towards him. Parenteau continues behind the net, Campoli tries to come back around from the left side (Kaberle's side). Plekanec forgets to cover his man as well.
We were 4 Habs versus 3 Islanders, there's no reason for us to not prevent a goal there and zoning in on Kaberle is simply not fair.
Campoli is really the most at fault here. There's also Plekanec that had poor coverage.

You can even blame the coach for getting caught. PK and Gorges were matched to the Tavares line all game.

But really, this is simply a miscommunication/chemistry mistake. Can't expect Campoli and Kaberle to just be mistake free right from the start.
PK made a crucial turnover, goal.
Diaz made a crucial turnover, goal.
Campoli-Kaberle mis-read the play, goal.
Happens to everybody. Even Gorges, who's been a rock, has made some mistakes that turned to goals.

To say we'll need 3 goals to feel comfortable with Kaberle is really over criticizing him.
Sure, he's no Gorges, but he's no MAB either.

I'm happy with Kaberle.

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