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12-14-2011, 03:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
But the Leafs hot streak began with Kaberle in the line up. And Btw, Burke did replace Kaberle, he went out and picked up Liles this year, so it's pretty obvious that he thought that the moving of Kaberle left a hole on the offensive side of their defense.

Leafs finished the season 15-8-6 after trading Kaberle...

they were 22-26-5 with him in the lineup.

they were 6-6-1 in the month before trading him.

my point is that the leafs didn't lose a beat once they moved him, in fact, they improved significantly without him in the lineup, the facts speak for themselves.

Don't see how Burke's summer moves have any relevance...

Kaberle was productive, points-wise, even last year (as 417 pointed out), but it would seem pretty clear that his impact on the team, despite his point production, wasn't that pronounced, and one could even argue that his team played much better without him in the lineup (as their results would seem to indicate).

Originally Posted by 417 View Post
Those are all valid concerns and I share them all...i'm just willing to give him a shot to see how he fits in with THIS team. Again, anyone on this board would of erected a statue of Pierre Gauthier had he made this trade at this point last year. I have trouble believing that a player could lose his game so quickly.
I've got no beef with Kaberle the player, and I hope he does nothing but succeed with us.

I think it was a bad trade, not b/c of the player we got (or the asset we traded away), but b/c we didn't do better in the asset swap... given the much higher risk and only marginal upgrade, we should have seen another asset coming our way.

If Kaberle reverts to his earlier form, or even bounces back to a level where he's a clear cut top 3-4 dman on a strong playoff team then FANTASTIC!
PG will have proven to be a schrewd talent evaluator who fleeced a reactionary Rutherford...

but let's not forget that Kaberle was 5th in TOI for the B's last year despite playing almost 4min/game of pp time... Bruins played Andrew Ference over 5 min more, per game... Andrew FERENCE... 5 freaking minutes PER GAME!!! b/c that's what they needed to do to win...

not a promising sign...

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