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12-14-2011, 03:48 PM
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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
Of course it does...but seems to me that you're looking at it from a very simplistic viewpoint.

Having bad contract(s), doesn't stop teams from being successful..again, the Chicago Blackhawks had some of the worst contracts in the NHL when they won the Cup. It didn't stop them and theyre still a very competitive team today.

A LOT of elements go into building a successful team...

You know why the Habs are in 9th place today? Not because Cammy and Gionta are 'overpaid' by 1-2M. Theyr'e in 9th place today because Cammy has 6 goals and NONE on the power play.

No player signed as a UFA can ever live up to his contract. Brad Richards signed a mega deal this summer and is under a point per game, but you don't hear anyone from NY or in the media complain, you know why? Cause the Rangers are 4th in the conference.

and since we signed Gomez, Cammalleri, GIonta, Spacek... we haven't sniffed top 4 in the conference.

We barely made the playoffs in '09
Finished a distant 6th in '10
and approaching the 1/2 mark we are sitting in 9th in '11

if the habs were winning, regardless of how well or poorly our vets were living up to their contracts, then of course it wouldn't be as big of an issue.

the issue is that we are a mediocre team that spends as much as anyone and has ~23M$ locked up in 4 players, none of which are even borderline all-star caliber at this point.

as they say, winning cures everything. but when you don't win, and you are not even in the discussion with potential winners, then of course all of your mistakes get magnified...

and, to your point about why the habs are in 9th today... our PP inadequacy is a huge factor... and surprise surprise, we came into the season minus our PP catalyst from last year, why? b/c our limited cap flexibility meant we had to make a choice btw him and Markov... a choice that we wouldn't have had to make if Gomez's cap hit isn't on the books.

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