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12-14-2011, 03:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
Actually Miller Time, you've been very dishonest and skewed the stats to favor your argument. I can do the same thing to favor my argument: Every Leaf fan calls the Month of February the month where the Leafs turned it around, in that month up until the trade of Kaberle, the Leafs were 6-2-1. If we go back and take the full month of Janurary, from the new year until getting traded the Leafs were 12-8-1 Miller time. That is hardly the 6-6-1 which you presented.

Coincidently, that 12-8-1 coincides with the starting of Reimer.

See what I did there. So the Leafs did in fact start playing well with Kaberle in the lineup.

From January 8th-February 8th, the leafs were 6-6-1.

Kaberle Traded February 8th

From February 8th to the end of the season, leafs are 15-8-6

you're clutching at straws Andy, doesn't suit you.

and besides, if you want to start picking apart numbers, why not just simply look at the most clear ones...

Leafs finished the season 15-8-6 after trading Kaberle...

they were 22-26-5 with him in the lineup.

Reimer or no Reimer, a team doesn't go from woefully below .500 to almost 50% above .500 when they LOSE their top dman, without replacing him, unless said Dman really wasn't an integral part of their success.

if we were talking about a handful of games after Kaberle left that they got hot, and then cooled off, sure, dismiss it.

but the team lost a guy who had been playing 20+min/game, and did not miss a beat. Wether you want to argue that they started playing better before he left (again, 6-6-1 in the 30 days before he got traded) so be it, that doesn't change anything about the FACT that they played extremmely well, and won a heck of a lot more often then they had in the 4 months prior to him leaving.

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