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12-14-2011, 06:20 PM
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Intresting gear I saw @ source for sports - Combat & Winnwell

First off... I saw on a shelf a pair of used NASH embroidered pro-stock Winwell gloves

I put it on and you know what? It is exactly the same as my TPS R8 w/o the digital palm. Same Nash, and other than the Winwell piece of cuff, is exctly the same fit, but has the NXT liner.
Its the same ballistik Nylon, same modified 4 roll, same split 3 finger, and pinky protection... someone either copied the R8 or as I've heard, one of Nash's friends moved onwards to Winwell and is making the same glove for him.

That being said, the prostocks on the shelves were completely different. They had the same "look" but they were stiff, the palms were NXT embossed and stiff w/ a digital overlay as well... the fingers fit differently, where as Rick's gloves were just like my R8, these looked, but were fitted more anatomically and weren't as mobile off the shelf.

Combat by michael ferland....
WOW, these are typical gloves with Nash w/ an overlay, roomy 4 roll, MIA/Warrior Franchise looking gloves... BUT they weigh NOTHING
I mean seriously, they were like as if they were made of cardboard.
I don't know what foam Ferland uses but... wow, they are super duper duper light.

Would like to grab a pair, but I have enough pairs, and they were $129, which isn't bad, but I don't need another

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