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12-14-2011, 06:46 PM
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I want a few things:

Boucher to stop talking to Marty Raymond so much. They should be on the same page enough to not need to be in congress constantly. Especially when things are looking bad. It doesn't make it appear as if there's confidence and a definite plan. Whatever Boucher wants to do, just let him do it.

I also have another bug about Marty Raymond, as he's the PP guy now: We get Gilroy and Gervais for use on the PP, but we never see them. I know there's an organizational mancrush on MAB, but there's two power play units, and Gilroy & Gervais were brought in during the offseason, so they could contribute, if not specialize, on the PP. Why are they not being built into those players?

Clark needs to stick to the PK, despite my belief that he can do everything. I've gone over this elsewhere, that Clark can handle every responsibility found in the defenseman's repertoire, but can't handle them all at the same time effectively.

He should be Hedman's two-way (mostly defensive) defensive partner and penalty murderer.

This is also related to why Brewer shouldn't be used on the PK, as it's just not responsible usage. Datsyuk can do it all, but Detroit doesn't have him doing ES, PK, and PP in the same game unless it's absolutely critical.

If there's not the right mix of guys right now who can handle PP and PK without too much overlap, then call somebody up. I know Gudas is this sacred cow, only to be called up for a special occasion, but I'm not explicitly saying him. Richard Petiot can go out there on crutches and block shots.

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