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11-04-2003, 12:35 AM
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Originally Posted by garry1221
williams just need better players and /or more icetime i remember a couple years ago when he was called up we put him on stevie's wing and he did pretty damn good and showed alot of potential... IMO the potential is still there but it just needs to be used right ... williams, in the right situation, is more of a scorer than a checker/grinder if we hadn't kept loading up w/ allstars i believe he woulda been a solid 3rd ... maybe 2nd liner by now... however we kept loading up year after year and that left him stuck in the minors, and now lewis is picking up where scotty left off .... only this time williams is up in the pressbox instead of on the ice in the AHL... i remember years ago the same thing happened w/ roest... he never showed much anywhere else, but when he was put on stevie's wing he started lighting things up .... not saying it was just stevie making him look good, but it was a definite boost for each of them
side note to my statement above ... 3rd period when williams was between shanny and whitney he started looking alot better than he has been recently ... something's gotta give soon .... the sooner the better

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