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11-04-2003, 02:27 AM
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It's simple...

Originally Posted by st_roland
Did you forget to take your pills today? How the hell is bertuzzi over-rated? Other than taking too many penalties, I see no signifigant weaknesses in his game.
The word is clear. He is overrated. OVER-RATED. People give him way to much credits because he is playing on one of the best team in the league, with one of the best player in the league Markus Naslund. But fact remain guys like Keith Tkachuk or Joe Thornton are head and shoulders above him. The worst part is that he takes 12'000 PIM per year so people figure he is damn physical, forgetting half of his penalty minutes come from cheapshots.

Still, I don't say the guy has no talent, I just say he is overrated and nowhere near the best players of the league. If you look at the goals he scored (like the lambda fan) he can be a reference but if you look at the big picture, he shouldn't even comes to mind when you have guys like Thornton, Kovalchuk or Hossa in the same league.

But it just depend of what you want. If you want a high maintenance team, with big names l Rangers, go with Bertuzzi. The guy will raise your payroll, score you 40 goals, will cost you 30 goals and will let your team short-handed the rest of the time. A lot of people will talk about him because there is 36 Bertuzzis on the stat sheet at the end of the game. That's how the world is rulling. But I've got a good advice though, be sure you have a great team around him to assure you the victories or your team will be a fiasco.

On the other hand if you want a serious team, Zubrus is an excellent choice. A big, young and cheap player, with plenty of untapped potential and great skills. Definitly a guy to build around, and you can even play him at the position you want depending of your needs. How can we ask for more ? For a serious team, he is an excellent choice. As I said, it just depend of what you need but Zubrus is the kind of guys you can build around.

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