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11-04-2003, 02:01 AM
Kevin Forbes
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to further clarify my fellow posters opinion
Niedermayer is the Ducks leading scorer
Ducks have difficulty scoring
Niedermayer is a guy who is getting it done
I don't think Tucker can fill that role
the Ducks have 8 d-men right now (well 7.5, Ward also plays forward)
If they trade a d-man, they would definitely not want another one back (unless it's a two for one deal)
and if they do get another one back, it shouldn't be of the "surplus" kind

To me the values are a bit screwy too, especially if you consider Vishnevski's potential. I think Niedermayer and Tucker are a wash (once this would be laughable, but Niedermayer has become a lot more valuable since the Ducks got him, IMO)
Vishnevksi for Berg/Hedin/Kondratiev favors Leafs IMO and plus the Ducks don't need another "surplus" guy
Your opinion on that move is just the opposite of mine, the Ducks would probably prefer a guy like Hedin or Kondratiev to put in the minors and develop then a guy like Berg who's already a known quantity. But the Ducks would be more interested in an offensive defenseman prospect. Ian White perhaps?

Maybe the value isn't as bad as I thought, but I can't see the Ducks trading Niedermayer without getting top 6 scoring talent in return. Tucker isn't that.

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