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Originally Posted by PSP View Post
Purple Kool-Aid hangover?

I saw a team that (with few exceptions) was listless, unmotivated, and needed a cattle prod more than a couple of bounces to do ANYTHING...

IMO, Terry Murray was clearly not the right coach for this group of players.

Who was responsible for that? DL

Were the players responsible for not performing for TM? Absolutely - but was that because they weren't trying or not the right style of players for TM's system or just because they just aren't that good anymore?

Who was responsible for assembling the team? DL

The pressure better be on DL right now to find a coach who can get the most out of the roster that he has assembled, otherwise the last 5+ seasons have been wasted - the Kings are back to Square 1. All of the wishing and hoping and gushing over every DL move will have been a sham.
A bit chippy to hit on your team after what's happened to them, isn't it? It's ok. We all realize that it's easier to criticize. NHL reality is only two teams of roughly thirty players (including callups and trades) get to the finals. Sixty players out of the entire world of Pro Hockey. So. It's pretty easy to predict and enjoy failure since the odds are you'll be right. Enjoy it.

I'm still predicting playoffs for this team.

Originally Posted by PSP View Post
I wish that most of you would go back and look at some of your posts of the last few years and see in hindsight just how ludicrous your lofty expectations were. Take a look at how many of the things that the dark side warned about and tried to impart a little reality about only to get screamed down and villified. It turns out that we were pretty much right straight across the board.
Vilified? just disagree with your constant negativity. That's all. What is right today will not be right in the future. We still have the rest of the season... what (?) 50 games? Still believe in this team and in DL. A new year is almost upon us. We can add up the score at the end of the season instead of at halftime.

Originally Posted by PSP View Post
Will this make a difference? Probably not - but think about next time you are treating potential the same as actual accomplishment. It's fine to wish and dream, but don't let that blind reality.
And don't be purposefully blind to the actual accomplishments of this franchise in the last 5 years. Find me some real hockey people who don't rate our prospects, our development, our D, goalies, and our core. Y'know, other than Button. Find me some winners who believe the Kings are doomed like "the dark side". A couple of years from now this is going to be seen as a bump in the road.

Ok. A real nasty bump. But, still....

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