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11-04-2003, 02:34 AM
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Originally Posted by forbesy
Your opinion on that move is just the opposite of mine, the Ducks would probably prefer a guy like Hedin or Kondratiev to put in the minors and develop then a guy like Berg who's already a known quantity. But the Ducks would be more interested in an offensive defenseman prospect. Ian White perhaps?
It wasn't really my opinion that the Ducks would want Berg (just that the Leaf's would most like to move him), I figured the Ducks would want one of the younger D's but wasn't sure what the reaction would be in Anaheim if they dealt away 2 roster players and got 1 back. Berg is underestimated IMO (he's +4 on a team thats mostly minuses), he gets a bad rap in TO mainly because Quinn puts him in situations he clearly shouldn't be in.

As for value, I have no idea what the Ducks financial situation is like but maybe the contracts/salaries of the player's mentioned evens this deal out a little more? I'm saying that off the top of my head...I have no idea what any of these guys make or for how long they are signed - but saddly thats aways a consideration and definitely apart of a trade's total "value".

Personally, I think the Leaf's would move Ian White in the same deal mentioned....John Fergusson seems intent on making a move and I doubt he's going to convince another GM to take any of Quinn's mistakes off his hands (Nolan, Rechiel, Renberg, Marchment).

Toronto's biggest problem is they have incredible depth at D (including 10 guys in St. John's) but none of them are (or are likely to ever be) impact defensemen. Vishnovsky is definitely good, but he's not a big improvement over Berg the Leaf's situation I would think he'd be looking for another vetran like Ken Klee, someone who's more reliable, experienced and better suited to help them win now.

What do I care though, I'm a Habs fan

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