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12-15-2011, 12:42 AM
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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
Eller is going to have to learn to make quicker decisions with the puck...he often holds on to it a split second too long.

Other than that, he's coming along nicely...I like that the coaching staff has given him a role he can grow into.
Originally Posted by MasterDecoy View Post
that play where he split the D and almost (damn you toe) deked montoya out of his underwear was just beautiful to watch. all the while never losing control of the puck even one bit.

he will find his finish eventually, it's just a matter of time.
the skills are clearly there, and i agree with MD, "it's just a matter of time"...

or more precisely, "just a matter of timing".

seems as though his timing is just a touch of from allowing him to do incredible things consistently.

was at a flames game vs Blackhawks not too long ago... Toews, Hossa & Kane stood up clearly above the rest (with Sharp & Iginla showing occasional signs of the same type of thing) in terms of how they see & use the time & space around them to make plays... or more importantly, to TRY to make plays.

I see a lot of the same with Eller... he has the vision and the poise to look for and go after those kinds of plays.

i think at this stage, what's keeping him from putting it all together and having a dominating impact, is timing... which comes from confidence imo.

he has the skill/vision/poise to do the things those types of elite players do, but he strikes me as hesitating just a touch too much... which either leads him to being a split second too late, or at times, to rushing a play when he needs to slow it down just a bit.

not wanting it to be taken as "bashing", i honestly think that the impact of playing for a coach like JM is hurting him in that regard. the 'short leash' he gets, despite playing with more intensity and often more effectivness than older players whose mistakes are more easily ignored/forgiven, can only be hurting his confidence, making him second guess how he should play & how much he should trust his instincts.

Eller needs to play for a coach that recognizes his skill level and encourages him to "figure it out", instead of trying to force him into a certain mould/type.

hopefully, the impact of playing such a restricting type of game won't be big enough to hold back his eventual break through, but not every player has the sheer "gusto" of a Subban, so the longer it takes for Eller to "earn" an impact role under JM, the more we risk loosing out on his huge upside... as far as I see it.

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