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12-15-2011, 02:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Averman View Post
The AL Central enough of a cluster that the Twins can't be counted out, since it seems like next year all it will take is a reasonably competitive team to challenge for the division.

The Vikes I unfortunately agree are ****ed. It's going to suck watching Peterson turn out to be this generation's Barry Sanders (RB with otherworldly talent stuck on a crud team). Turnarounds can happen quicker in the NFL than any sport, but outside of Allen, the Vikes are too depleted on D, and the offense isn't a whole lot more promising.

Those other guys aren't that ****ed. Kahn's a condescending d-bag with shaky decisionmaking, but he's fallen bass ackwards into an interesting roster helmed one of the more successful coaches in recent NBA history in Rick Adelman. Love, Ricky Rubio and Derrick Williams is a nice 3 man core to build on, and there are a couple other young guys who could really benefit from Rubio's unique skill set. They're probably at least a year away from competing for the playoffs, but they should be exponentially more watchable this year. The main thing working against them right now is that they're a young team relying on new faces to play big roles in a new system. Right now I'm just happy that the Clippers will no longer be adding the 2012 lottery pick to Griffin and Gordon. It's still going to suck watching the Hornets make the pick, but the chances that it adds one of the final pieces to a potential dynasty have been lessened.

I agree with your point that the Wild are the top dog now and for the foreseeable future, and that it's largely due to Fletcher and Yeo being in place.
I disagree with your assessment of Khan. He may be condescending but he didn't fall into this roster. He inherited a team with tons of terrible contracts and underachievers and turned into an intriguing group of young talent in just a few years. Unlike most of the NBA, the Wolves have no bad contracts (Darko maybe... but it's really not that bad). The pups could win a few games...

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