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Originally Posted by Wild48 View Post
I disagree with your assessment of Khan. He may be condescending but he didn't fall into this roster. He inherited a team with tons of terrible contracts and underachievers and turned into an intriguing group of young talent in just a few years. Unlike most of the NBA, the Wolves have no bad contracts (Darko maybe... but it's really not that bad). The pups could win a few games...
I would have expanded my thoughts on Kahn, but didn't really think anyone 'round these parts would give a ****.

He inherited an awful roster, but McHale had already done most of the work in terms of clearing out terrible contracts (a.k.a., cleaning up his own mistakes). The only expensive long term contract on the team when Kahn took over was Al Jefferson (debatable if that's a bad contract or not. It was a relative bargain when he signed, but an unfavorable one after he got hurt). There was lots of dead weight on the roster, but most of it was expiring dead weight. It's also not like the current Wolves roster is devoid of underachievers. They probably outnumber the over/normal achievers.

Foye/Miller for the pick that became Rubio was a stroke of genius. He's also done a good job of shopping the bargain bin for young guys with talent who haven't been able to put it together (Beasley, Randolph, and even Darko-ugh-).

Unfortunately, outside of Rubio and hopefully Williams and Malcolm Lee, his draft day performance has been reprehensible. Most of his forays into free agency have been unsuccessful at best. I like that he's been unable to make a David Lee type splurge (even though he tried) and maintained salary flexibility. I wish he'd do more to leverage that flexibility into assets the way OKC did when they were rebuilding, but I like that he's used it to take chances on Randolph and Beasley

Darko's a bad contract, and it wasn't helped by his reputation and Kahn's overheaping praise on him the summer it was signed. He's the definition of a million dollar talent with a ten cent head and I'm endlessly frustrated by the fact that someone with his size who's shown a penchant for angry outbursts plays softer than Charmin around the rim. Pekovic is also a bad contract at the moment, although his strengths could theoretically be exploited by Rubio. Ridnour and Barea also have the potential to be bleh contracts.

He hired a complete dunderhead who was justifiably fired, but he couldn't even do that without turning Rambis into a sympathetic figure.

He didn't exactly fall into the roster, but aside from the two picks he made where he went with the consensus (Rubio and Williams), aggressively rummaging through the bargain bin, and hiring Adelman, he hasn't done much I've been impressed by. Just about anytime he's tried to go against the grain it's come back to bite him in the ass, and it doesn't help matters that he can't keep his foot out of his mouth.

I don't hate the guy (even though it may come across that way), and I like the core of the roster he's put together, but I think you're giving him too much credit.

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