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12-06-2005, 03:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester
i just tried to find the specific language and failed...

the transfer rules are geared towards players with exclusive contracts, which Ragnarsson very well may have. usually this is an issue with prospects who haven't been signed by the NHL club that owns their rights (or any other club for that matter). however, if Ragnarsson has an "out-clause" to the NHL, wouldn't that by-pass this rule? at that point you're not talking about a "transfer," you are talking about the simple matter of signing a contract that voids the contract to the Swedish club.

points to make:

1) i have no idea what Ragnarsson's contract says.

2) i don't think we are about to go out and sign Ragnarsson.

3) depending on his contract i think it is possible that he could be signed by a NHL club... he would just require a clause that would allow him to leave to play in the NHL.

4) don't presume to think that Ragnarsson is even interested in coming back to the NHL.
Actually, this issue has been brought up in Sweden just this week. Vlad Orzsagh signed with a SEL team a month or two ago and he has played superb, and thus, Nashville (I think it was) got interested. He has an out-clause in his contract, but the IIHF took a look at the matter and he can not sign with an NHL team this season. The cut-off date was August 31 or something, I think. I can find and translate the article(s) if you want me to.

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