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Originally Posted by PSP View Post
How much are decent 1st and 2nd line wingers going to cost? An Average of $4mil ea?
If so, you now have $13.6mil left for 9 players - or an average of $1.5mil ea.

This is assuming that you go right to the salary cap and don't leave yourself any wiggle room. Let's say that you you leave $4.6mil as a "just in case" fund - that means your 3rd and 4th lines average $1mil ea, but decent 3rd line players are probably more like $1.5mil ea, so now you're down to $4.5mil for 6 players. They would all be at essentially minimum NHL salary.

Not a real pretty picture...
That's why teams need production from cheaper, younger players. The Matt Read's of the world. Something the Kings aren't getting too much of, outside of Voynov.

That's also why teams need to get production from the guys they are paying decent money to. Williams, Brown, Richardson, Doughty, Penner, etc. The Kings aren't getting their money's worth from a lot of players right now.

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