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12-15-2011, 08:23 AM
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Originally Posted by PSP View Post
How much are decent 1st and 2nd line wingers going to cost? An Average of $4mil ea?
If so, you now have $13.6mil left for 9 players - or an average of $1.5mil ea.

This is assuming that you go right to the salary cap and don't leave yourself any wiggle room. Let's say that you you leave $4.6mil as a "just in case" fund - that means your 3rd and 4th lines average $1mil ea, but decent 3rd line players are probably more like $1.5mil ea, so now you're down to $4.5mil for 6 players. They would all be at essentially minimum NHL salary.

Not a real pretty picture...

That's why it crushes Teams; (in the cap era) to give players like Drew/Gomez Seven million dollars and they don't produce enough.

Drew really has to pick it up with that salary. If Drew doesn't end the season around (10-15G 30-40A) He will really set this team back.

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